Bricks from sites in the Morwellham Area


The most numerous maker, mostly with an off-white granular body and no frog. There are two stamp types, one with serifed capitals; the other plainer, without serifs. In addition to ordinary bricks, Westlake stamps are seen on a wedge-profile design for turning arches, and a slim square section design of unknown function. Many of these are covered with melted slag-like deposits, suggesting that they were previously used in limekilns or furnaces. Westlake bricks were used to vault the eastern tunnel of the brick kiln at Impham Brickworks.


A whiteish granular body with no frog; of standard size with the stamp in large plain deeply inset capitals.


An associated industry at Martin's china clay works at Lee Moor on western Dartmoor was the production of white frogless bricks with a granular body, marked in plain letters:

Production began in 1840 (Ferguson & Thurlow 2005, 75) and continued until the early 20th century. These bricks were used extensively in the construction of many brick kilns, due to their excellent fireproof qualities.